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    *The Employee is expected to use the Sales App for their updates and recording at all times.

    *No Manual records will be accepted.

    *The employer is fully committed to conducting business in accordance within principles in order to ensure that the confidentiality of personal information is fully protected, maintained and used for the right and designated purpose; the employee’s data shared is solely for internal purposes and will not be at any given time shared with unauthorized persons.

    *The employee will be fully responsible for any disciplinary eventuality that may occur during his/her engagement with the client; thus they should conduct themselves with the maximum level of decorum.

    *The Employer will at no time be held responsible for physical assault, loss or destruction of any employee’s belongings; thus Employees should take full responsibility of themselves and their personal belongings.

    *The employer may at his own discretion decide to terminate the contact upon issuing Notice to the employees.

    *By accepting and saving these terms and conditions, you are fully abided to work under the defined terms.