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Soft synthetic bristle brush, attached to wooden handle, Ultra soft and flexible, gentle on the delicate skin,

Cleans oils, dirt and makeup easily from your face. Deeply clean pores, effectively prevent black produce,

gentle exfoliate, and brighten the skin tone,

For home or travel use.This wooden handle won’t slip out of your hand while you soap up.



This gentle hand brush is meant for daily facial cleansing. It is wonderfully soft while packed densely with fine fiber bristles, enabling a deep pore cleaning without having to aggressively scrub your face.

It is the perfect solution for sensitive skin! It will leave your face glowing after a long day, or ready to take on the day with a face that feels fresh and clean every time. Combine with your favorite exfoliating face wash for a deep clean.

How to use:

1) Wet brush using foam or soap, rob on hands and lather.

2) Use brush to lather on face, massage gently.

3) Wash off with lukewarm water, wash the brush after use.

4) Dry on cool & Dry area.

 Package Included:

1x Facial Cleaning Wash Brush

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